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Khirthar National Park located just 140 km away from Karachi and can be reached easily through super highway. This park is Pakistan's second biggest National Park. It is one of the 4 parks in Pakistan to be included in the United Nations list of national parks around the world Approximately one third of the park lies in the north of Karachi district and two thirds in the south-west of Dadu district. It was founded in 1974. The total area of the park is more than 308,000 hectares. Sindh Wildlife manages the park, where they have developed two main centers: Khar and Kharchat There are two tourist centers in the Park managed by Sind Wildlife Management Board, namely Khar and Karchat. The centres offer cottage and dormitory accommodation and guides are available.


This park may be visited for recreation and education. It is the best place for the nature lovers and for adventurers who enjoy Jungle safari, hiking, trekking, camping and Angling. This park gives opportunity to watch number of wild animals, birds and reptile. Khirthar is an area of outstanding beauty and cultural heritage which provides important habitat for a variety of mammals, birds and reptiles characteristic of the arid subtropics.


There are 34 species of Mammals in the park include Sindh leopard Stripped Hyena , Desert Wolf Indian Fox ,Sind Wild goat, Blandford's Urial , Honey Badger, Indian Pangolin , Caracal, Jungle cat,  Jackal, Chinkara, Gazelle, Black Buck ( Reintroduced ) Hedgehog, Porcupine, Indian Grey Mongoose, Cairo Spiny mouse  and the Rock Mouse. Birds species are 58, which are Lammegier vulture, Bonnelli's eagle, Imperial eagle, Tawny eagle, Golden eagle, Eurasian griffon vulture, Egyptian vulture, Cinereous vulture, Lagger falcon, Red-headed merlin, Kestrel, Close-Barred sand grouse, Houbara bustard, Grey partridge, See See partridge, Stone Curlew, Indian sand grouse, Coronetted sand grouse, Painted sand grouse, Eagle owl , Sind pied woodpecker, Hume's chat, Brown rock pipit, Striped buning, Finche larks, Hoopoe, Shrikes and Wheatears. Reptiles are the Rock python, Sind cobra, Russell's viper, Saw-scaled viper, Sind krait, Royal rat snake, Tortoises, Desert Monitor lizard, Yellow Monitor lizard, Sind Crocodile and different species of lizard and chameleon.

Khirthar National Park is also rich in cultural heritage There are several 18th century Chaukundi style tombs at Taung, pre-historic rock paintings and archaeological remains at Koh Tarash, and one of the world largest fort named “Rani Kot”. Rani Kot is the largest fort in the world, with 10 metre high sandstone ramparts stretching for a distance of 32 kilometers. From a distance, some of the walls resemble the Great Wall of China and also known as “The Great Wall of Sindh” or “Deware Sindh”. Ranikot is two hours by jeep from Karchat.


The trip from Karachi is via Super highway. First reach to khar which is approx 95 km from Karachi and than Hub Dam. On a small plateau about 16 Kms. from the dam, is the comfortable tourist complex Khar Centre managed by Sindh Wildlife Department. Kharchat is more than 160 km. Khirthar’s headquarter is Kerchat. The road to Karchat is improper. For visit to the park, four-wheel-drive (4X4) vehicles are appropriate.


There are two visitor centers at Karchat and Khar, and two sub-centers at Thano-Ahmed Khan and Bachani, which are managed by Sindh Wildlife Department. These centers offer overnight stay facilities. There are several rest houses, with running water and cooking facilities, in both locations, and can be easily booked through the Sindh Wildlife in Karachi. They also rent tents if anyone is interested.

 The best season to visit Khirthar National Park is from mid of October to mid of March


Watching animals in the cage is an entirely different and unrealistic experience in comparison with that of national park. Khirthar Park is a place where you can capture the indisputable expressions of various animals and birds. If you are an avid nature lover, photographer, traveler, adventurer or wildlife lover then Khirthar national park is the place where you will meet all your needs.Khirtahr national park is a destination which can be easily reached from major cities. It is well connected by major means of transportation. Mainly popular with corporate people and masses living in metropolitan cities, these destinations have always fascinated tourists.

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