Friday, February 14, 2014

Hawkesbay beach (Karachi)

Hawkesbay beach is in Karachi, city in the Sindh, province of Pakistan. It is situated 20 km south west of Karachi. It is accessible through Hawkes Bay Road (Mauripur Road) or Mubarak Goth Road from Karachi.

Hawkesbay beach is a very famous tourist resort and popular due to its. Sandy beach with crystal blue water. Every day a large number of people from Karachi visit there and enjoy picnicking, swimming, fishing, and camel and horse riding. Comfortable Huts with basic facilities are also available for rental there.

Hawkesbay beach is among the eleven most important beaches around the world where marine turtles come to lay eggs.Hawkesbay beach turn into hatcheries for marine turtles when weather conditions relent and before it is too cold for them at night, their laying time, to venture out of water.  The green turtle nests for eggs on Hawks Bay beach from November to February. A female turtle nests three to four times during this season. Although occasional laying continues throughout the year, the mild weather months are considered the peak season for the activity, when what are called Green Turtles come ashore in droves.

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